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The structure of Blue Phase I LC

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Liquid Crystal Materials Research Laboratory (LCMRL) was established at Department of Photonics, Feng Chia University in Taichung, Taiwan since 2007, and moved to Department of Physics, National Chung Hsing University. The main research topic is to study the electro-optic effects and physical properties of blue phase liquid crystal and cholesteric liquid crystal.


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Electrically tunable and reversible selective reflection due to the transition between simple cubic and tetragonal blue-phase liquid crystals

Liquid Crystals. Published Online: 2020/01/04

In this paper, we present experimental results on electrically tunable reflected wavelength in the full visible spectral range from 460 nm to 620 nm in one simple cubic blue-phase cell due to the simple-cubic–tetragonal lattice transition, confirmed by Kossel lines. The reflected wavelength is switched less than few hundreds milli-second and it is reversible. From the experimental observations in the reflection spectra and Kossel lines, we can see the following phenomena as increasing the applied field: the lattice-plane realignment in the simple-cubic blue phase (BPII), the transition between BPII and tetragonal blue-phase liquid crystal (BPX), and the lattice deformation of the BPX. Among them, the lattice deformation of the BPX shows larger electrostriction coefficient to shift the wavelength in a wider range, but it takes the longest response time. Because the reflected wavelength in each applied field exhibited extraordinarily sharp photonic bandgaps (less than 20 nm) with high reflectivity, the BP cell here shows a great potential to be a tunable photonic device.

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A stable reflective state induced by a disturbed planar texture in surface- treatment-free chiral nematic liquid crystals

Optics Express, 29 (19), 30644-30654 (2021)

Chiral nematic liquid crystals possess a one-dimensional periodic helical structure and are one of the oldest known materials with the ability of selective reflection of light. Their helix orientation, determining their optical properties, can be changed by a variety of stimuli, and it is also dominated by the surface treatment, ratio of the elastic constants and cell thickness. Here, we present a simple method to realize an angular independence reflective state, induced by a stable disturbed planar texture, in a surface-treatment-free chiral nematic liquid crystal cell. The scattering state caused by the defect-rich focal-conic texture can be electrically tuned to the reflective state from the disturbed planar texture in a very short time, and vice versa. These two optical conditions are both stable states in the null field until the next trigger. We find that the disturbed planar texture in the chiral nematic can provide a 100viewing angle without reflected wavelength shift. The gray level of the reflected intensity can be tuned via application of the voltage pulses. Moreover, in this work, we discuss the effect of the chiral concentration on stabilizing the disturbed planar texture. When the chiral concentration is higher to induce the blue phases, the change in the texture of the ChNLCs after removing the strong electric field can stop at the disturbed planar texture with high reflectivity. In this work, the optical performance and the bistability based on the disturbed planar texture exhibits great potential for many applications, such as tunable filters, see-through/reflective displays and large-area smart windows.


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  • 2022.07 恭賀 實驗室獲得科技部工程光電學門補助三年期計畫 3,600,000元。

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  • 2022.02 恭賀 陳睿駿同學研討會論文被ILCC 2022接受 Growth of blue phase liquid crystals on nanoporous membranes

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  • 2020.09 恭賀 李騏同學入選國際液晶學會(ILCS)2020年9 月特選液晶照片 Link

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Pockels Effect in a Tilted Field Switching BPIII Cell," Crystals 2019, 9(11), 598.

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  • 2018.07: 恭賀 本實驗室杜浩宇同學得科技部自然司物理學門補助研究生出席國際會議經費。

  • 2018.04: 恭賀 本實驗室王彥文,杜浩宇同學,論文獲2018 International Liquid Crystal Conference 接受,於2018/07在日本京都發表。

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  • 2016.01: 恭賀 本實驗室兩篇論文獲2016 MRS Spring Meeting接受,於3/30在美國鳳凰城口頭發表。

  • 2015.07: 恭賀 碩士班學生 吳鑌紘、林子程獲科技部"研究生出席國際會議"補助,前往波蘭發表論文。

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  • 2010.10.01 : 賴佳良同學入選國際液晶學會(ILCS)2010年10月特選液晶照片 Link

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